Meet John and Marsha Langlois

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John and Marsha Langlois

John and Marsha Langlois

John & Marsha Langlois bought Foggy Bottom Farms in 2002. 

John gave Marsha her first puppy in 1956.  He has been trying to get it back ever since then.

John wanted a girl who was smarter than he was. Marsha was a National Merit Scholar.
We’ve never figured out what Marsha wanted.

Nevertheless, after 40 years of marriage we are fortunate to be together at Foggy Bottom Farms.

We have two daughters, four grandsons, twenty-one cows, thirty-five chickens, 2 dogs and a few animals that we haven’t really met yet.

Marsha’s background is in Medical Technology. Little does she suspect that we will use her skills in animal husbandry.

John’s skills in “surprise acquisition” will ensure that new and wonderful critters can always be found here. Do I hear goats?

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One thought on “Meet John and Marsha Langlois

  1. Phyllis Anderson

    I have a Jersey cow and have been unsuccessful with artificial insemination. I was considering a Dexter bull because of the smaller size for my 10 acre pasture and feeding requirements. Would the two be able to mate or should I continue to look for another bull? Of course, the main purpose of having a Jersey is the rich milk.
    We have goats in another field and have plenty milk from the girls, but not rich enough to enjoy fresh cream and butter.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My farm is just outside Shelbyville.
    Phyllis Anderson


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